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2016 –

  • Anju Chadha, Sowmyalakshmi Venkataraman, Radhakrishnan Preetha and Santosh  Kumar Padh “Candida parapsilosis: A Versatile biocatalyst for organic oxidation-reduction reaction” Bioorganic Chemistry 2016;68: 187–213.
  • G Kathel, M S Shajahan, P Bhadra, A Prabhakar , Anju  Chadha  and E Bhattacharya, “Measurement and reliability issues in resonant mode cantilever for bio-sensing application in fluid medium” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 2016 ;26:Number 9.
  • Paresh N Patel, Anju Chadha, “Synthesis, Single Crystal Structure and Spectroscopic Aspects of Benzo[b]thiophene-3- carbaldehyde Based Chalcones” Journal of      Chemical Crystallography 2016;46: 245-251.
  • Bhadra P, Sengupta S, Ratchagar NP, Achar B, Anju Chadha and E Bhattacharya, “Selective transportation of charged ZnO nanoparticles and microorganism dialysis through silicon nanoporous membranes” Journal of Membrane Science 2016;503:16-24.