Books Authored

Maya Raman, Padma Ambalam, Mukesh Doble, Probiotics and Bioactive Carbohydrates in Colon Cancer Management, Springer India, ISBN 978-81-322-2586-7, DOI: 10.1007/978-81-322-2586-7,(2016).

downstream Mukesh Doble, Principles of Downstream Techniques in Biological and Chemical Processes, Academic Press, Inc.ISBN: 9781771881401,(2015).

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Polymers in a Marine Environment

Edited by Mukesh Doble, Ramasamy Venkatesan and Nelamane Vijayakumar Ravi Kumar, Smithers Rapra publ, UK
Geetha Venkatachalam, Sathyanarayana Gummadi, Mukesh Doble, Cyclic Beta-Glucans from Microorganisms: Production, Properties and Applications, SpringerBriefs in Microbiology, Springer-Verlag, Germany, 2012
Mukesh Doble, Drug Design, Basics and Applications, Tata McGraw Hill Education, ISBN: 9780070680760, (Aug, 2011)
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Mukesh Doble and Anil Kumar,Green Chemistry and Engineering, Elsevier, NY (Jun 2007)
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Mukesh Doble and Sathya Narayana Gummadi, Biochemical Engineering Pirnciples, Prentice Hall publ, (May 2007)
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Mukesh D and Anil Kumar Biotreatment of industrial effluents, Elsevier, New york, (Feb, 2005).
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Mukesh D, Gaikar V and Anil Kumar Biotransformations & Bioprocesses, Marcell Dekker, New york,(Feb 2004).
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Bhaduri S and Mukesh D Homogeneous catalysis : Mechnanisms & industrial applications., John Wiley & sons,(2000).

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