Flow Cytometry Facility

Flow Cytometry Facility

Welcome to the Flow Cytometry facility at Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras. The Flow Cytometry facility is equipped with one BD FACS ARIA III (Sorter) and one BD FACS Calibur (analyser). The BD FACS ARIA III and BD FACS Calibur is located at 419B. The facility provides technical personnel for consultation in experimental design and data interpretation. Offline data analysis can also be done using FloJoTM and DivaTM softwares through the offline analysis system of the facility. The facility conducts periodical training and workshops to educate young researchers.

Instrument Details


The BD FACS ARIA III has 6 lasers and can detect 16 fluorochromes. The lasers available are as follows:

  1. 375nm
  2. 405nm
  3. 445nm
  4. 488nm
  5. 561nm
  6. 633nm
image 1
 BD FACS Calibur

The BD FACS Calibur has 2 lasers and can detect 4 fluorochromes. The lasers available are as follows:-


  • 488nm
  • 635nm
image 2

Booking of Flow cytometer

Users can book the slots by sending email to facsiitm@gmail.com

During acquisition, users have to provide the offline Requisition Form approved by the Principal Investigator and the Facility-in-Charge (Prof. Rama S. Verma / Dr. Madhulika Dixit). Internal users have to submit the form C-5 along with the requisition forms.

CHARGE Details


Instrument   Department of Biotechnology,IIT Madras Academic  Non-Academic
BD FACS Calibur Analysis 100/sample 220* x No. of samples 440* x No. of samples
BD FACS ARIA III AnalysisSorting 100/sample500/sample 440*/Sample; 2200*/Sample 660*/Sample; 5500*/Sample


  • The above rates are effective from 1st November 2015.
  • No blood samples and radioactive samples will be analysed.
  • The Departmental flowcytometry facility will be available only for acquiring the samples.
  • Users from other Departments of IIT Madras will be treated as external academic samples; however, no service tax and overhead charges will be applicable to them.
  • External academic /non-academic users have to pay as per the rates specified above along with GST @18%.
  • * – Includes overhead charges of 10%


[Internal Users: For analysis of primary cells, attach Ethical Committee approval certificate, duly certified by the Principal Investigator that the samples are not infectious]

Any further enquiries pertaining to the facility can be handled from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays.

Please send mail to facsiitm@gmail.com or contact 044 22575138 for more details.