Nirav P Bhatt

Nirav P Bhatt

Assistant Professor

PhD, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

MTech, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

BE,  The M S University of Baroda, India

Office: BT406, Block I
Tel: +91-44-2257-4129
Lab: (Website)

Research Interests

  • Modelling, Control, and Optimization of Biological and Disease Networks from Multi-sensor and Multi-scale Data
  • Integrated (Bio-)process Manufacturing
  • Bioprocess Control and Process Analytical Technology
  • Learning and Control of Complex Man-made Networks from Data


Recent Publications

  • Salike, S. and Bhatt, N., Thermodynamically consistent estimation of Gibbs free energy from data: Data reconciliation approach, in the press, Bioinformatics, 2019
  • Jain, R, Narasimhan, S.  and Bhatt, N. A priori parameter identifiability in models with non-rational functions, Automatica, 109, 108513, 2019
  • Manokaran, V., Sengupata, T. Narasimhan, S and  Bhatt, N. Analysis of experimental conditions, measurement strategies, and model identification approaches on parameter estimation in plug flow reactors, Industrial and engineering chemistry research, 58, 13767, 2019
  • Baikadi, A., Bhatt, N. and Narasimhan, S. Extraction of pure species spectra from labelled mixture spectral data, Industrial and engineering chemistry research, 58, 30, 13437, 2019
  • Kinhal, K V, Bhatt, N., and Subramaniam, P. Transport and kinetic effects on the morphology of silver nanoparticles in a millifluidic system, Industrial and engineering chemistry research, 58, 5820-5829, 2019
  • Darsha Kumar, D.M., Narasimhan S., Bhatt, N. Detection of model-plant mismatch and model update for reaction systems using concept of extents, Journal of process control, 72, 17-29, 2018
  • Varghese, A., Narasimhan, S and Bhatt, N. A priori parameter identifiability in complex reaction networks, IFAC-PapersOnline, proceeding of SYSiD 2018, 51, 15, 760, 2018
  • Veeramani, M. Narasimhan, S. and Bhatt, N. Identification of reaction systems using spectroscopic measurements and micro-reactors, Computer aided chemical engineering, 44, 931, 2018
  • Balaji, BS, Bhatt, N. and Narasimhan, S. Optimal selection of reference components and measurements in reaction systems, Industrial and engineering chemistry research, 57, 15096, 2018
  • Doss SS, Bhatt, N. and Jayaraman, G., Improving the accuracy of hyaluronic acid molecular weight estimation by conventional size exclusion chromatography, Journal of Chromatography, 1060, 255, 2017