Research Interests

In the Biotechnology domain:

We work in the general area of better understanding and manipulation of biological systems. We have chosen to contribute to the area of reactive species (RS), which we believe are the molecular mediators of cellular stress, and we work to better understand RS effects on biological systems with a view to manipulate them toward desirable ends. The current applications are

  • Cancer treatment and management
  • Nanoparticle toxicology

Our earlier work in the above area has resulted in contributions to improve

  • Bioreactor operation
  • Biofuels from microalgae

We have made fundamental, novel contributions in the above areas.

In addition, we have made the following contributions

  • Devised a generalized strategy for oxygen supply to bioreactors without aeration (LPOS)
  • Developed bio-sorbents for toxic trace metal removal
  • Developed a NIR based soft probe that has been employed in Biocon Industries

In the learning facilitation domain:

I have a deep interest in the learning process, and I do a lot of experiments on the same. Significant contributions have been made in the area – please see the disseminated information (journal articles, books, MOOCs, etc.) in the other pages.