Research Interests

1. Drug Design and QSAR for Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antidiabetic, Anti-TB agents

  • Enzyme-Ligand Binding studies
  • Synergy of natural products and synthetic drugs
  • Modelling of drug delivery systems (polymer and drug- Interactions)

2. Polymers in Medical Applications

  • Orthopedic implants, Analysis of arterial explants, urinary stents
  • Bacterial adhesion/Biofilm, Surface modifications

3. Biodegradation/Biofouling of Polymers

  • Marine and soil organism mediated
  • Biosurfactants

4. Scale-up of Chemical processes – (Rubber Chemicals, Plastics, Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Paints).

  • Bioreactor design
  • Reaction mechanism studies of homogeneous, heterogeneous and enzyme catalysed reactions

5. Systems modelling (EEG and disease classification, pathway of Parkinson disease)
6. Statistical process control, Biostatistics and Six-Sigma.