Meiyappan Lakshmanan

Meiyappan Lakshmanan

Ph. D., National University of Singapore, Singapore,

B. Tech., Anna University Chennai

Assistant Professor

Office : Block:1 BT 503


Lab : BT 416/508A Block 1 Lab website ➔

Research Interests

  • Systematic bioprocess development for biopharmaceutical andcultivated meatmanufacturing
  • Data-driven cell line development for biopharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Next-generation probiotics design through data-driven approaches
  • Computational systems biology for clinical marker identifications
  • Multi-omics data integration and constraint-based modelling algorithm

Selected Publications

Complete list of publications can be found on Google Scholar scopus

(* Equal contribution; Corresponding author)

  1. Koduru, L., Lakshmanan, M., Yu, L.P., Banu, M., Ow, D. S.-K., Lee, D.-Y. (2022) Systematic evaluation of genome-wide metabolic landscapes in lactic acid bacteria reveals diet-induced and strain-specific probiotic idiosyncrasies, Cell Reports, 41(10): 111735.

  2. Yeo, H.C., Park, S., Tan, T., Ng, S. K., Lakshmanan, M., Lee, D.-Y. (2022) Combined multivariate statistical and flux balance analyses uncover media bottlenecks to the growth and productivity of CHO cell cultures, Biotechnology & Bioengineering, 119(7):1740-1754.

  3. Koduru, L., Lakshmanan, M., Hoon, S., Lee, D.-Y., Lee, Y.K., Ow, D.S.-K. (2022). “Systems biology of gut microbiota-human receptor interactions: Toward anti-inflammatory probiotics”, Frontiers in Microbiology, 13:846555.

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