Nathiya  Muthalagu

Nathiya Muthalagu

PhD., University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK.,

M.Sc., University of Madras, Chennai, TN, India.

Assistant Professor

Office : Block:2 BT 122


Research Interests

Pancreatic cancer evolution, Cellular plasticity, Metastasis, chemoresistance, Mouse models

Molecular Oncology Lab

The overarching goal of our lab is to understand, at the molecular and cellular level how oncogenes control neuroendocrine plasticity, how this contributes to metastasis and how we can target this to improve the clinical outcome of patients.Using combined cellular and mouse models, coupled with analysis of human pancreatic and breast cancer samples, our lab will strive to identify new therapeutic targets for neuroendocrine tumours, with focus on metastasis and chemo resistance.

Publications :


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