M.Tech. in Bioprocess Engineering

The programme aims to develop manpower with specialised skills in the area of Biological Engineering.

Learning outcomes:

1. The students will be able to develop skills for applications in Biotechnology based industries.
2. The students will be able to develop skills to train others in the area of Bioprocess Engineering.
3. Bioprocess Engineering is an interdisciplinary area involving principles of both life sciences and engineering. Advances in bioenergy, biofuel production, metabolic engineering for the production of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, commodity and specialty chemicals, recombinant protein production are all contingent on a trained workforce of engineers in the ‘bio’ industries. In addition to industries, development of skilled bioprocess engineers in higher education and research is also very much needed. These specific needs of the Biotechnology and Biochemical industries are addressed through this rigorous programme in Bioprocess Engineering.

The programme is tailored to build strong fundamentals in chemical engineering principles applied to bioprocesses. Building on core concepts such as thermodynamics, reactor design, transport phenomena, and process control, the programme will help students acquire state-of- the-art knowledge in topics such as metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, modelling of biological systems, plant cell bioprocessing, biomaterials, etc.The students will gain practical experience in genetic engineering, cell culture, upstream and downstream processing through two laboratory courses. The curriculum also includes a year-long project, which will hone the skills towards an industrial or academic career.

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