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  • Stem cell regeneration for Tissue Engineering, Stem cell scaffolds for cardiac, liver tissue regeneration,
  • Cancer stem cell and their targeted therapeutics,
  • Biomarker and pathways studies in Fanconi anemia,
  • Construction and production of Bacterial and Humanized Immunotoxins for cancer therapeutics,
  • Monoclonal antibody production,
  • Cancer drug delivery.


  • Elected Fellow to The National Academy of Sciences (FNASc),2014
  • Elected Fellow to Association of Microbiology of India (FEMI) 2010
  • Elected Fellow to The Biotech Research Society, India (BSRI) 2015
  • Elected Fellow to Society for Applied biotechnology India 2011
  • Elected Fellow to Madras Research Foundation (MRF) 2007
  • Life time Achievement award Nature Science foundation Coimbatore TN 2018

Selected Publication

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