About Us

The primary research of this lab is focused on Adult Stem cells for cardiac regeneration, 3-Dimensional culture conditions, the molecular basis of the bone marrow disease - Fanconi anemia, and targeted cancer therapy. Successfully completed and ongoing Projects include Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO) projects, Department of Science & Technology (DST) projects and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) projects. Notable outcomes include the development of an in house biomaterial for the growth of bone marrow stromal cells that led to their heightened resistance towards oxidative stress and enhanced cardiomyogenic differentiation. This lab has carried out, for the first time, a whole genome expression analysis of Indian Fanconi anemia patient samples and identified target genes implicated in phenotypic symptoms. We have also reported the down regulation of a tumor suppressor gene and its implication in the cancer susceptibility of Fanconi Anemia. We have successfully developed chimeric immunotoxins specifically targeting leukemia and solid tumors. In order to improve therapeutic index and minimize toxicity, we have also developed humanized immunotoxins.

Awards and Fellows

  • Elected Fellow to the BioTech Research Society (BRSI) 2015
  • Elected Fellow to The Indian Academy of Science (FNASc) 2014
  • ABAP Senior Scientist Award, Society for Applied Biotechnology and Applied Pharmacy India- 2014
  • Elected Fellow to Association of Microbiology of India (FAMI) 2010
  • Elected Fellow to Society for Applied biotechnology 2011
  • Genomic Pioneer recognition award 2008 held at the HUGO's International Human Genome Meeting held at Hyderabad, India 2008
  • Elected Fellow to Madras Research Foundation (MRF) 2007

Featured Publication

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  2. Rama S Verma (2016) Breaking dogma for future therapy using stem cell - Where we have reached? Indian J Med Res 143, February 2016, pp 125-25.

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