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Fluorescence Microscope

Model : IX51


The IX51 inverted system microscope addresses the observation and imaging needs of high-level laboratory and clinical applications. Modular design and the excellence of its optical system serve tasks from cell culture observation to fluorescence microscopy. Superior frame stability, ergonomic layout and low-positioned controls make the IX51 the user-friendly microscope for high-volume laboratories. Efficient operation is complemented by an unobtrusive long working distance condenser and adjustment-free 30W halogen illumination.

Main Features:

  • Frame Marking: Model IX51S8F-2
  • 6-Position Fluorescence Reflector Turret.
  • 6V-30W Halogen transmitted illumination system with a light condenser and phase slider.
  • Phase slider with settings for 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x phase objectives.
  • Phase Slider is the pre-centered type for ease of use.
  • Condenser Numerical Aperture 0.30. Working Distance 72mm.
  • Six position objective nosepiece turret.
  • U-BI90. Binocular Viewing Tube.
  • Stage with XY movement for precise positioning of stage dishes.
  • Includes multi-use stage plate for holding glass slides or 54mm petri dishes. Larger dishes and other cell plates can be used with other stage plates or simply set on top of the stage and manually moved. Contact us for your special needs with petri and culture vessel sizes.
  • Side photo port. Allows 100% light to eyepieces or 20% light to eyepieces and 80% to the side port.
  • Eyepieces: WHN10X/22 High Eyepoint with ability to use eyeglasses when viewing.