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Model : FTIR-4200

Brand : JASCO

FTIR is a powerful and easy-to-use technique. It is a compact system which includes a sealed interferometer with corner-cube mirrors and rapid and accurate tracking of mirror position and velocity for optimum wavenumber precision and signal-to-noise performance. The FTIR spectrometer has a broad wavelength range and some features such as non-hygroscopic KRS-5 windows helps to prevent damage to the interferometer, a Peltier stabilized DLaTGS detector and a high output ceramic source for maximum sensitivity. Permanent optical alignment is guaranteed by corner cube (retro-reflective) mirrors with auto-alignment for maximum energy. With a resolution of 0.7cm-1 and a S/N greater than 25,000:1.

For many routine sample analyses the FT/IR-4000 can be paired with the ATR-PRO ONE single bounce ATR with a choice of prisms including a high throughput monolithic diamond, Germanium (ideal for carbon-black samples) or ZnSe. A choice of clamps with pressure up to 10,000 psi ensures the best sample contact with the crystal. The powerful control and analysis software, Spectra Managerâ„¢ Suite, provides a customizable user interface for automating routine tasks such as sample identification and quality testing.