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Model : Optima™ XL-100 K

Brand : Beckman

The Beckman OptimaTM XL-100K Ultracentrifuge operates at very high speed of upto 100,000 rpm at up to 802,000 g with a 100 Ti rotor. The equipment is equipped with an imbalance-tolerant drive which protects against small operator mistakes, and offers an energy-efficient consumption and heat output system. The software is advanced and it is easy to use with a push-button operation system and a touch-key control panel which enables easy handling. Also the energy-efficient and environment-friendly air-cooled drive eliminates any harmful coolants like CFC. A key interlock switch helps normal, locked or zonal operation. The important features of the Ultracentrifuge are its very high speed of 100000 rpm with a maximum RCF of 802000 g.